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Online Virus Scanners Are Nifty Little Tools

By now, most of us have a computer, and we also have access to the internet. The internet is a marvelous place, filled with information that can help you to live, work and study, and can also be a cause of procrastination from life, working or studying. It’s a part of our everyday lives, whether or not we use the World Wide Web ourselves. There are downsides to the internet though, such as the arrival of viruses, malware, spyware, trojans and other such nasty programs and applications. A big problem with these things is that you may not even realize you have one of these on your system, except that you’re noticing your system slow down dramatically.

It is recommended that you regularly run a virus checker on your computer, usually about once a week. This can save your system from needing a format and losing all your documents, files and settings. When looking for a virus scan, you may come across online virus scanners that claim to find problems on your system that are either harmful or potentially harmful. Working in much the same way as regular virus security software, your system will be scanned by a database online and the results will pop up on your screen, alerting you to any dangerous programs, applications or files on your system.

This, however, is where the online scanners differentiate themselves from those installed on your system. Many scanners aren’t able to delete or quarantine the infected files, and will ask you to buy an expensive program to do so, often anti-virus software that is their own brand. While some companies are trust worthy, others are scams and will alert you to ‘problems’ that don’t actually exist on your system.

It is easy to find out what companies are on the level and those which are dodgy. Often, you will either have heard of the software company, or will be able to search for information on their products with ease. This information can be found using a search engine, looking on forums or ezines. The dodgy companies will be harder to find, and will often look less professional.

If you have been on the internet for a few years, you would have noticed pop-ups and advertisements telling you that your system is at risk, is currently infected, anything really that puts fear into you that your system is about to crash. These can sometimes be virus programs themselves, and you need to be careful on what online scanner you use. Keep in mind that if a pop-up, advertisement or website looks untrustworthy, don’t trust it. There are more than enough free or paid for software available from many established and respected brands for you to choose from without making a rash decision.

Viruses are to be feared, but by taking the right precautions, scanning your system weekly or fortnightly, and not installing software that seems a little off (Including torrents, pirated software etc.) you can avoid any damage to your system.

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