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The Advantages of an Electronic Carcass Scale

There are certain industries that require specific equipment to make their business processes run smoother. The meat and butcher industry is one of those industries. It requires a unique set of butchery equipment to ensure that it functions efficiently and provides customers with a wholesome experience. Furthermore, not all butcheries would have an abattoir but those that do, will require more specific equipment such as an electronic carcass scale.

This particular butchery equipment is integral to the functioning of a successful butchery. Here are the advantages of an electronic carcass scale.

• This butchery equipment is able to accurately weigh carcasses.

• You can either place one large carcass or multiple pieces of meat on the scale.

• It is suitable for a carcass size of up to 300 kilograms.

• The scale gives you the weight in increments of 100 grams.

• It has a stainless steel plate for convenient weighing and it folds down for easy storage.

• It includes galvanized hooks to hold the weight of the carcass.

• The arm of the scale is strong enough to hold the full weight of the carcass.

• It is a durable unit that can continue operating for a long period of time.

• As it is electronic, it includes a digital control.

• It has a large LED display for accurate viewing.

• It has a high internal resolution of 1/3000.

• It is a quality electronic carcass scale that is SABS approved.

It is a tall unit that has two legs, a scale, a fold away table, and a tall rod that houses the galvanized hooks. Due to its tall size and compact nature, it can be stored away in a cupboard or in a corner when it is not in use. Essentially it takes up minimal space in the butchery.

The accuracy in the weighing element of this scale ensures that mistakes are kept to a minimum or non-existent. It is easy to use so the staff can be trained on how to use it to further improve the efficiency of the butchery. In the meat industry it is essential that the carcass is weighed correctly to ensure the fairness of the price of the meat sold.

The electronic carcass scale is a specific type of butchery equipment that is necessary for a busy butchery that processes and keeps stock of much raw meat. This scale has many advantages that ensure the accuracy and efficiency of a butcher’s meat processes.

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